Sometimes things go wrong on a build slave. This might be a network problem, or the disk might fill up, Twisted might even add a new dependency that's not available. Any one of a million, billion things could happen that prevent the slave from completing the builds assigned to it. For slaves running supported builders, this is a major problem. Supported builders need to be running their builds all the time.

If a slave running a supported builder stops being able to complete the builds assigned to it:

  1. Contact the slave operator and request that the problem be addressed.
    1. If there is a problem that the slave operator cannot address, raise it with the community at large for assistance.
  2. Otherwise, if the problem is not resolved after one week, follow up with the slave operator about the problem.
  3. If no solution is forthcoming within two days, contact the community at large to seek a replacement for the slave.
  4. If there is no replacement offered within one week, remind the community about the request.
  5. If there is no replacement offered within one further week, announce the de-support of the platform represented by the slave.
    1. Adjust the buildbot configuration to drop the slave.
    2. File a ticket, added to the milestone for the next release, for announcing the de-support of the platform with the pre-release.
  6. If the pre-release announcement with its warning brings a replacement slave, add it to the build slave and announce the ongoing support of the platform if the slave can be made green without delaying the release.
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