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explain pyenv setup


  • d3 is a mac builder
  • hostname:
  • root as root: glyph, tomprince, adiroiban, markrwilliams (runciter)
  • buildslave name: egh-osx-1
  • buildslave working dir: /Users/buildbot/BuildSlave

This builder uses pyenv-provided Pythons because its version of macOS includes an ancient version of OpenSSL.

pyenv downloads OpenSSL 1.0.2 and links _ssl against it on older macOS releases:

pyenv was chosen over brew because brew wants to take over /usr/local/bin, but other things have been installed there.

The build master's configuration assumes:

  1. That Python 2.7.14 is installed (pyenv install 2.7.14) and aliased to python (pyenv global 2.7.14)
  2. That the virtualenv package is installed and runnable by python -m virtualenv (e.g., python -m pip install --user virtualenv)