Twisted Community Code

This wiki page is the home for information about projects to which we are collectively referring by the "super project" name "Twisted Community Code" (abbreviated "tx").


This effort was a culmination of this discussion that occurred on the Twisted mail list (and expressed in condensed form here). In summary, by creating a place where anyone can contribute whatever they want, we address the long-lamented barrier to entry for Twisted community members:

  1. what are often perceived as impossibly high standards, and
  2. limitations on what projects are included in Twisted.

The Twisted projects (Twisted Core, Twisted Web, Twisted Mail, etc.) are maintained with exacting standards, contributions to which are rigorously reviewed and held under the highest scrutiny for code quality. This places a heavy responsibility on the developer, one that may not be desired or enjoyed by all. Additionally, there are would-be contributors whose projects, though based on Twisted, were not accepted for inclusion in Twisted proper for various reasons.

This seems to have been a good idea, as we've made a good start with three newly associated projects, even before announcing this initiative :-)

Suggestions, Not Mandates

We are making no proclamations about standards, adherences, etc.: community members are free to follow their own development practices, etc. We would like to encourage people to use the "tx" prefix for their projects, in the same way that "py" is used for general Python projects. For example, we would like the authors of "Twisted SNMP" and "Twisted Storage" to instead use something like "txSNMP" and "txStorage." We want the "Twisted" name to be reserved for projects that are part of Twisted proper.


In so much as an autonomous collective has leadership, Phil Christensen has kindly agreed to act as the point of contact for this community effort. He will maintain the community presence on Launchpad, send out announcements as necessary, and respond to inquiries, while at the same time receiving the full support of the Labs' members.


We are encouraging community members to use Launchpad to manage their Twisted code projects, or at the very least, mirror them. Doing so allows the project managers to assign the "tx" super project to their own, thus including them in the community of projects that use or depend on Twisted.

The Launchpad super project site is here:

To associate your Launchpad project with this super project, click the "Change details" link on your project overview page and type "tx" in the super project field. Your project should then show up in the list on the tx front page.

Useful Info

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