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    2525    1. If you check in something that breaks [ trunk], revert it
    2626      1. If the bad revision was 07c854353d,
    27         1. `cd ~/Projects/Twisted/trunk`
     27        1. `cd ~/Projects/Twisted`
    2828        1. `git revert -m 1 07c854353d .`
    2929      1. Use "Reopens #NNNN" in the commit message to re-open the corresponding ticket
    3030      1. Explain what broke and how and perhaps on which platform in the commit message
     31    1. If you need to re-merge the reverted branch, revert the reversion.
     32      1. Create a new branch or merge trunk into your branch with was previously reverted.
     33      1. Revert again the commit containing the revert and commit the reversion: `git revert REVERT-SHA`.
     34      1. Make your changes.
     35      1. Push the changes for re-review
    3136  1. If you are merging a branch into trunk, you must commit exactly the merge.  You may not make extra changes in the trunk working copy after the merge.
    3237  1.  Use `force-build` if you want to test a branch on all supported builders before merging