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    3434      1. Explain what broke and how and perhaps on which platform in the commit message
    3535  1. If you are merging a branch into trunk, you must commit exactly the merge.  You may not make extra changes in the trunk working copy after the merge.
    36   1. Use [] if you want to test a branch on all supported builders before merging
     36  1.  Use [] if you want to test a branch on all supported builders before merging
    3737    1. No, really, use it.  It saves a lot of time.
     38    1. `bzr branch lp:twisted-trac-integration` to get the trac integration repository - `` is in the subdirectory `tools`
    3839    1. `` prints a link to a results page; mention it in the ticket as a link with the text "Build results" like this: `[url-goes-here Build Results]`
    3940    1. There are certain unit-tests on certain builders that are known to fail intermittently. There's no official list of such tests, but you can look at [ the history of trunk builds] for a particular builder to see if a particular failure shows up a lot. If you're sure that a given build failure is intermittent and not caused by the changes in your branch, you can still merge.
     41    1. See UsingBuildbot for more help.
    4143Other documents that overlap and supplement this information include: