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So, you want to contribute to Twisted?

First, a few recommendations:

What you'll need:

Just the Basics

This assumes you will be working on an existing open ticket.

  • Checkout a fresh copy of Twisted trunk. This is going to be your development branch.
    e.g. svn co svn:// MyTwistedTrunk
  • Make your changes
    • You will need tests for your code
    • You will need docstrings
  • Run the full Twisted test suite and make sure your new tests pass along with entire suite: trial twisted
  • Create a patch:
    svn diff -u > my-twisted-patch.patch
  • Submit the patch and and attach it to the trac ticket.
  • Begin the Review process. A core developer will review your changes and give you feedback. You respond to the feedback using the ticket, attaching further patches as necessary.
  • Once your patch is in good shape and approved, it will be accepted.
  • A core developer will create a new branch for your ticket: description-1234, where description is a summary and 1234 is the ticket #
  • The new branch will be merged to trunk and your contribution will be forever remembered.

Next Steps

Twisted has a rigorous development process. Now that you have a basic idea of the overall process, you can continue reading about Contributing to Twisted