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Twisted Announces Membership in the Software Freedom Conservancy (2008-03-16)

At PyCon 2008 we were delighted to share some good news with the Python community: the announcement of the Twisted Software Foundation. Glyph had previously emailed the Twisted mail list, letting those close to the project know of this major event shortly after the paperwork was signed. Before we brought this before a more public audience, we wanted to give companies a chance to become "founding sponsors" -- and this is what has happened at PyCon. We're looking forward to issuing a formal press release about this (including info on the founding sponsors) and will have more details in the near future.

We would like to send a special thank-you out to those sponsors who made contributions immediately. In order of contribution, they are:

  • Chris Armstrong
  • Michel Pelletier
  • AdytumSolutions, Inc.
  • Drew Perttula
  • Glenn Tarbox
  • Ilya Novoselov

Read the initial announcement here. If the video for the announcement made at PyCon gets published somewhere, we will post an update.

The Twisted Show: Episode 2 (2008-02-26)

Yesterday, Duncan had the chance to talk with Jack Moffitt and Christopher Zorn of Chesspark about their company, their vision, and how Twisted played an integral role in their application and helped them to meet their goals.

The interview is on the site and the feed is available here.

We're still experimenting with podcasting and feed enclosures, so please be patient with us! If you have any issues, the media files are available at

Twisted Matrix Laboratories Blog (2007-12-02)

TM Labs has a new blog! We will be posting various items of interest that relate to development of Twisted, useful community information, and enthralling news events. Add us to your reader!

Episode 1 of the "Twisted Show" (2007-01-22)

The Twisted Show is a new experiment we are trying at TM Labs in an effort to let people and business who are solving unique and/or interesting problems with Twisted share their solutions with a wide audience.

This first installment is an interview with a few folks at Renkoo who are using Twisted to innovate meetings as part of the social media landscape.

Twisted 2.5.0 (2007-01-11)

Major Twisted release! Read the release announcement and click on things on the Downloads page.

New Twisted Site Goes Live! (2006-12-04)

Thanks to the efforts of the Twisted Team and the visual design and CSS skills of Huw Wilkins, we have rolled out our latest version of the Twisted Matrix Labs web site.


Apple Releases iCal Server Code (2006-08-07)

Apple's iCal Server is written in Twisted. Visit the development site to read more about the software and to get started with it now.

Twisted 2.4.0 (2006-05-25)

Including updates to Words, Web, Names, Mail, Conch, and more. See TwistedProject.

Twisted Sprint in Sydney (2006-05-19)

Twisted's Australian hackers are converging in Sydney on the June 3-4 weekend. If you are Australian and think you might be made of internet, find out more about the SydneySprint

Twisted 2.2.0 (2006-02-12)

Twisted 2.2.0 is out. See TwistedProject.

Twisted (core) 2.1.0 + First Virtual Sprint (2005-10-09)

In Twisted's first virtual sprint the weekend of 2005-10-08, many people contributed to Twisted in general and helped get the Twisted 2.1.0 release out. See the Twisted project page and read about what's new.

Australian Twisted Sprint 2005.2 (2005-08-07)

A Twisted Sprint will be held in Sydney Australia on the 19-21 August 2005. Topics will probably include documentation, a VFS layer (including WebDAV support), the new Axiom database, and whatever else anyone can think of. For more information, please see the Australian Twisted Sprint Wiki.

Thanks to Linux Australia for funding this sprint.

Twisted 2.0.1 NOW released (2005-05-25)

Twisted 2.0.1 is now out. This is a minor release, only including bugfixes since 2.0.0. One of the most important fixes was a bug causing many gtk GUI apps to crash. Twisted News is now properly included in the Sumo release. Enjoy.

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