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To generate the API docs for the Twisted web site.

You will need a checkout of the latest release of Twisted.

In a checkout of WebSite, in the trunk/vhosts/ directory, run:

% pydoctor -c twisted.cfg -o twisted-doc-model
% bzip2 twisted-doc-model 
% svn commit twisted-doc-model.bz2

This will generate API documentation for the latest release of Twisted. If there has been a new release, edit twisted.cfg to point to that release.

Now, ssh to pyramid.

% sudo su - www-data
% pwd
% svn up WebSite
% cd WebSite/vhosts/
% ./ newapi

Look at the output in documents/current/newapi and make sure it looks alright, then replace the existing documentat:

% mv documents/current/api documents/current/oldapi; mv documents/current/newapi documents/current/api; rm -rf documents/current/oldapi

If there have been useful pydoctor changes, make sure to update your pydoctor checkout/installation on both hosts before running it.