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#9560 defect new doesn't set Failure when StopIteration is raised

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I have a coroutine that incorrectly raised a StopIteration. fail consumed the StopIteration and returned a Deferred in the success state, instead of one with Failure set.

Repro steps:

>>> from twisted.internet.defer import fail, ensureDeferred
>>> async def g(x):
...     return await x

>>> ensureDeferred(g(fail(Exception())))   # expected
<Deferred at 0x107d35400 current result: <twisted.python.failure.Failure builtins.Exception: >>

>>> ensureDeferred(g(fail(StopIteration())))  # surprising
<Deferred at 0x107d205f8 current result: None>

This is Twisted 18.9.0 and Python 3.6.5.

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I think this is pretty closely related to #7767 given some of the shared machinery here?

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