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t.w.util.ParentRedirect is broken on py3

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Priority: normal Milestone: Python-3.x
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I'm seeing this traceback (python 3.6, twisted 18.7.0). This is in the rendering of a ParentRedirect.

render is passing a URLPath instance as the first arg to redirectTo, presumably on the assumption that it'll be stringified (or bytes-ified), but it just gets handed to nativeString, which doesn't know what to do with it.

redirectTo is documented to want a bytes anyway (and explicitly rejects unicode strings), so probably render should do the bytes-ifying before passing it down to redirectTo.

  File ".../site-packages/twisted/web/", line 258, in render
    body = resrc.render(self)
  File ".../site-packages/twisted/web/_auth/", line 200, in render
    return super(ResourceWrapper, self).render(request)
  File ".../site-packages/twisted/web/", line 117, in render
    return redirectTo(urlpath.URLPath.fromRequest(request).here(), request)
  File ".../site-packages/twisted/web/", line 73, in redirectTo
    """ % {'url': nativeString(URL)}
  File ".../site-packages/twisted/python/", line 412, in nativeString
    raise TypeError("%r is neither bytes nor unicode" % s)
builtins.TypeError: URLPath(scheme=b'http', netloc=b'localhost:8001', path=b'/admin/', query=b'', fragment=b'') is neither bytes nor unicode

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Milestone: Python-3.x
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