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Set Windows Process Creation Flags as Optional Parameters

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Right now, any process created with twisted.internet._dumbwin32proc.Process is getting a hard-coded creation flag CREATE_NO_WINDOW. While this is an acceptable default, sometimes the user may not want this flag.

For example, my problem with this flag is that ctrl-c interrupts in the parent process do not propagate to the child. As _dumbwin32proc.Process.signalProcess cannot send SIGINTs on windows, interrupting the parent might be the only way interrupt a child. (well, except dll injections and other nasty tricks I'd rather avoid). That could work if there were no creation flags, because then the parent and child share the process group. CREATE_NO_WINDOW spawn the child in another console (Actually, no console), where parent interrupts can't reach.

I say, Move the creation flags as an optional parameter. keep CREATE_NO_WINDOW as default behavior, but let the user to fine-tune the flags.

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