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conch can't read OpenSSH new-format (bcrypt KDF) private keys

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OpenSSH 7.8's interoperability tests fail with current Twisted. I tracked this down to the fact that conch doesn't know how to read the new bcrypt-KDF-based private key format that was introduced in OpenSSH 6.5 and made the default in 7.8 (and therefore the test failures can be worked around by patching the OpenSSH test suite to use "ssh-keygen -m PEM" for the conch tests).

https://github.com/twisted/twisted/pull/644/files makes a start at dealing with this, but its parsing code is pretty hacky and in any case it isn't sufficient to solve the problem here, because it only handles Ed25519 keys in the new format. I have most of a patch which I've been able to use to read the full matrix of OpenSSH private keys with (RSA, DSA, ECDSA) x (unencrypted, encrypted) x (old format, new format); I'll post a PR as soon as I've finished polishing it up for submission.

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Merge pull request #1053 from cjwatson/9515-openssh-key-v1

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Add support for new OpenSSH private key format

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