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Currently, has below-Twisted standards of code coverage, implementation (with one huuuuge ad-hoc state machine), comments, tests, etc. It's also not had any changes to the bulk of its code for 14 years, apart from what appears to be code removal 6 years ago and a handful of "twisted-wide" mechanical syntax changes. It's also unlikely to ever be ported to Python 3 unless someone were to improve the former issues (since the port would require 100%-as-possible code coverage).

I propose deprecating on the condition that it doesn't have a maintainer, and un-deprecating it if a user of the code steps up to maintain it and brings it into line (vs one of the current development team taking on work keeping an ancient protocol on life support). If nobody steps up, then we remove it at the end of the deprecation period and encourage any remaining users to either pin to old Twisteds or simply vendor the code in their own codebase.

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Can you raise this on the mailing list first? Dropping a major component like this should have some visibility.

If we do go ahead with this, we should delete its prominent mention from

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[23:54:07]  <kenaan>	glyph reviewed <> - Deprecate (assigned to hawkowl)
[23:55:07]  <hawkowl>	glyph, but i did tho
[23:55:08]  <hawkowl>	2/4/18, 3:23 am
[23:56:53]  <hawkowl>
[23:57:00]  <hawkowl>	I actually sent it last year and nobody responded
[23:58:11]  <hawkowl>	glyph, which maybe makes me guess that nobody actually cares
[23:58:28]  <hawkowl>	(I was going through tickets on my ancient todolist which is why I'm doing stuff now)

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Here is the aforementioned (non-)discussion as a link:

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Reviewed over at

I'll go delete the relevant success story.

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