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Failure.getTracebackObject result lacks outer stack frames

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Failure.getTracebackObject constructs a fake Traceback which includes the stack frames between the point the exception was thrown and where it was caught, but doesn't include any of the frames above it. We have this information (in failure.stack), and it may be useful for debugging, so it's regrettable that it isn't included in the fake Traceback.

We ought to be able to pass the stack into traceback.print_stack, but doing so actually causes exceptions.AttributeError: '_Frame' object has no attribute 'f_lineno'.

Test program:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import traceback

import sys
from twisted.logger import globalLogBeginner, textFileLogObserver
from twisted.internet import defer


def raiser(_):
    raise Exception()

def report(failure):
    tb = failure.getTracebackObject()
    # if tb were a real Traceback, this would work

# raise an exception from a callback, but don't yet handle it
# (which prompts the Failure object to forget its real Traceback object)
d = defer.Deferred()

# now try to report it

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