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The documentation for producers/consumers/backpressure handling could be improved

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The docs are here:

But even after reading those carefully and clicking around to all the linked API docs and such, I couldn't figure out how to write a simple port-forwarder without hassling Glyph.

Some suggestions:

  • They should probably mention that transports implement IPushProducer -- that's sorta crucial information :-)
  • They should probably mention that transports implement IConsumer -- also important! This at least can be inferred from the example in docs/core/examples/, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else
  • Speaking of which, that page should probably link to the example :-) (it's mentioned, but not linked)
  • It'd be nice to have an example that's like... "here's an echo server, but now, not trivially DoSable"?

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