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Add HTTP/2 client support to twisted.web

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Partner ticket to #7460.

Now that we have HTTP/2 server support in twisted.web, it's time to tackle HTTP/2 clients. The work here is a bit different to the server-side work.

We need the following things:

  • a handshakeCompleted callback, per #6024.
  • a HTTP/2 client side implementation that is compatible with Agent

I've only skimmed the work yet, but it looks like we'll need to touch a few classes to get this to work properly. We'll also want to do some thinking about abstraction layers.

Ideally I'll work on a monolithic patch just to get the PoC off the ground, and then we can consider splitting into smaller patches as needed. This will be an umbrella issue, like #7460 was for the server side.

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