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This would involve:

  • Creating a new package, with the C-exts
  • Removing them from Twisted
  • Import them into Twisted from the external package

As to why:

Twisted has a handful of (mostly optional) C extension modules, to provide support for the IOCP reactor, some inetd stuff, sendmsg on Py2, and initgroups on Py2.6, among others. The vast majority of Twisted's users do not require these C modules, and it only makes it harder to install (requiring python-dev + a compiler). If they were bundled into another package and distributed on PyPI, then it would make the majority case simpler, but still allowing easy access to the extension modules.

This has the following direct benefits:

  • Twisted users (Tahoe, Crossbar/Autobahn, Buildbot) no longer need to have a C compiler to install Twisted. (It will still be required for things like PyOpenSSL, but that is an optional dependency)
  • Twisted can distribute a single wheel and a single source distribution on PyPI. The msi and exe installers and the Windows wheel will only be the C extensions, and therefore much smaller. Since these rarely change, they will not need to be changed on pypi for a long while.
  • We can add extra C modules to this package, without having to hard-depend on CFFI in the future.

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Author: hawkowl
Branch: branches/external-cexts-7945

(In [45090]) Branching to external-cexts-7945.

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This is a branch that does this. It removes the support code from Twisted, and puts it in a new package.

This will not work on the buildbots without some build script modification. The way to test it manually is (from a Twisted checkout):

virtualenv venv
venv/bin/pip install zope.interface
cd cexts
../venv/bin/python install
cd ..
venv/bin/python bin/trial twisted

To test something that specifically has cexts:

venv/bin/python bin/trial twisted.python.test.test_sendmsg twisted.python.test.test_util.InitGroupsTests

This branch may be backwards incompatible.

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This is related to #3586.

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