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FileAuthority._lookup incorrectly returns AuthoritativeDomainError (NXDOMAIN) for names in known child zones.

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FileAuthority._lookup assumes that it can answer authoritatively for any subdomain of its SOA name.

It currently answers with NXDOMAIN if the QNAME is not found but is a subdomain of the SOA record.

It currently only sends a referral if the QNAME exactly matches the child zone root.

The _lookup function should probably iterate through all its records looking for subdomain names which have associated NS records. These represent delegations to child zones.

If the Query name is equal to or a subdomain of any of these, the answer should always be a referral. ie 0 answers, authority containing the NS records and additional containing any glue A and AAAA records for the hostnames referred to in those NS records.

See #6580 for an related issue with the ordering of child zone and parent zone lookup.

See ticket:6475#comment:2 for original discovery of this and other related issues.

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Oops. Should have been a names defect.

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