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Doccument why `assert` shouldn't be used.

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<_habnabit> is 'assert' supposed to be avoided or disallowed in twisted code? i saw a review comment that seemed to suggest that 'use of assert' doesn't follow the coding standard, but i couldn't find anything mentioning it
<_habnabit> i was reading if that's not the correct document anymore
<glyph> _habnabit: Yeah
<glyph> _habnabit: there are cases where you might use assert
<glyph> (and somebody should really write this down)
<glyph> _habnabit: In one case, you think something should be a certain way, but you haven't really tested that it shouldn't be that way, and you haven't tested any code that deals with it being that way
<glyph> in which case you should delete the assert because honestly you don't care enough to make sure that it's not that way
<glyph> In the other case, you care that the AssertionError is raised, and you have some tests which makes sure it happens, and happens with a comprehensible error message
<_habnabit> aha
<glyph> in which case you should delete the assert because you should have a more specific exception type.
<_habnabit> heh
<_habnabit> okay, that's clear
<glyph> (since all those tests will start failing if you use python -O)

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