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Remove the effort argument from twisted.names.client.getHostByName

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twisted.names.client.getHostByName has an "effort" argument which controls how many CNAMEs and DNS referrals to follow while resolving the name.

The problem is that this won't have any effect on POSIX systems where "theResolver" will be forwarding recursive queries to the recursive servers listed in resolv.conf.

These recursive servers should never return CNAME or NS referrals - they will already have resolved them.

On Windows I think "theResolver" is a chain which includes a t.n.root.Resolver. This does make use of the effort argument

But it seems to me that effort is a detail which doesn't need to exposed in the high level client.getHostByName or common.ResolverBase.getHostByName functions.

I suggest we deprecate then remove that parameter.

I noticed this while working on docstrings in #6328.

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