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— at twistd dns returns NXDomain for valid records when multiple zone names share a common suffix or parent domainInitial Version

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twistd dns loads pyzones and bindzones in the order they are provided on the command line.

If you load these three zones (each containing a www IN A record) in this order:


And query for you get NXDomain.

If you instead load first, the query will succeed.

The same problem occurs for subdomains.

Part of the problem is that t.n.authority.FileAuthority._lookup does the following check in source:trunk/twisted/names/

132                 if name.lower().endswith(self.soa[0].lower()):

Instead it should test for a common tail in a sequence of domain name labels.

Additionally, in the current ResolverChain system - where all zones are queried in sequence, until a result is found - I think subdomain zones need to be queried before their parent zones.

This applies to the whole sequence of BindAuthority, PySourceAuthority and SecondaryAuthorityService that get loaded in and passed t.n.server.DNSServerFactory.

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