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twisted.python.util.runAsEffectiveUser isn't safe in the presence of threads

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If any other thread happens to be scheduled while the function is being called, it will run with elevated privileges.

I guess there is nothing to be done to prevent this, but it seems like it should be something to be documented.

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by Jean-Paul Calderone

It's true it's difficult to address this. Apart from documenting the function as not safe for use with threads, there are potentially some other options though:

  • Get rid of it. Make any code depending on it work some other way. Twisted only uses runAsEffectiveUser in Conch's implementation of the UNIXPasswordDatabase checker. This checker could use a helper child process instead.
  • Make it atomic. If no other Python thread can run while runAsEffectiveUser is running, then the temporarily elevated privileges aren't a problem (as long as we ignore threads running outside of Python's threading system, which seems reasonable). There are probably a number of possible approaches to making it atomic, among them the recently discussed threading.atomic API.
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