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Document trial's handling of `skip`.

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SynchronousTestCase documents a skip attribute and getSkip method from which one may be able to deduce how tests can get skipped, but it isn't explicit.

The trial howto should document this explicitly, as should the docstring of SynchronousTestCase.

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As a point of support, I found the module-level lookup to be surprising when attempting to use pyunit's skip decorators. e.g. simply importing a function named skip will cause all tests to skip:

from unittest import skip
# Why are all of my tests skipped?

I did finally discover that the docstrings for getSkip and getTodo do clarify the behavior:

"Checks on the instance first, then the class, then the module, then packages."

However, this also appears to be incorrect, in that I don't think that packages are actually searched.

See the definition of self._parents in [source:trunk/twisted/trial/ SynchronousTestCase]

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