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06/03/13 14:28:51 (9 years ago)
Thijs Triemstra

Replying to therve:

OK, it may be because I'm tired, or because the review queue is very long, but I think this ticket is improper. A 1500 lines diff is not a reasonable thing to do, in particular in this case. Please open at least 4 other tickets to handle changes per subprojects. Sorry for the delay in responding on this.

Thanks for the review. I opened 4 additional tickets (see updated ticket description for ticket nrs) for the subprojects. I'll leave this ticket open as the main ticket that will actually deprecate the module and replace it's usage in core, once these other tickets have been resolved.


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    v21 v23  
    11`twisted.python.text` can be deprecated after replacing usage of it.
     3This ticket covers the actual deprecation and replacement in core, and can be closed once these subtasks for the subprojects have been completed:
     5 * conch (#6543)
     6 * words (#6544)
     7 * mail (#6545)
     8 * lore (#6546)