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Complex, multiline, multi-lambda expressions in example make it more difficult than necessary to follow

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We all know it is possible to write code like:

    d1 = ClientCreator(reactor, amp.AMP).connectTCP(
        '', 1234).addCallback(
            lambda p: p.callRemote(Sum, a=13, b=81)).addCallback(
                lambda result: result['total'])

And for many people, it's even possible to read such code. However, many more people have an easier time reading something where each step is separate and where lambda is not used to define a function inside a call to addCallback. Particularly since the reader of any of these examples is already trying to learn how to use AMP, they don't need to be given the extra burden of untangling this less-than-perfectly readable style.

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I think that's better. There are still problems with the example, such as having no explanation about how to use it or what behavior to expect from it, or the continuing use of ClientCreator instead of endpoints, or manual reactor management. I think those would all make good tickets separate from this one, which makes one well-defined improvement to the readability of the example.

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I've reviewed the proposed change to and I like the new style. It's worth noting the "inline" placement of adding Deferred callbacks. Haven't seen that much - and it does seem to help with readability.

I guess we don't have any test case policy for example code :/ (it does appear to work, still)

OK for .misc entry, but if any other improvements take place we should probably mention the improved AMP examples in a news file.

Please merge.

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Simplify the Python style used in the AMP client example.

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