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There should be a clearer workflow story for new contributors using other version control systems

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It's perfectly feasible to use something other than SVN for managing local workflow, but the initial contribution story buries any mention of Git or Bazaar (with no mention of Mercurial).

New contributors should be able to review a set of workflows using other version control systems and it should be clear that it is possible to do so.

The goals would be to:

  • Demonstrate that SVN should not be a barrier to contribution
  • Be able to point to existing "best-practice" workflows when the next "Twisted should move to VCS-of-the-moment" discussion occurs
  • Have a set of documents that can be refined as tooling improves (e.g. hgsubversion is shown to always work and work well)
  • Distinguish between what is required for casual contributions and what a core committer would need to do if they wanted to use Git, et al.

This ticket proposes that the a new wiki page be created: Alternate VCS Workflows to communicate the following:

  • New contributors can use any VCS they like to manage contributions
  • Core committers have a different story that is probably best covered using separate workflow descriptions.
  • Contributors will have to be able to use an svn client to checkout and update their local repo
  • There should be a list of vetted workflows per VCS with logos for quick identification.
    • Each VCS/workflow will have its own wiki page, one for Contributors and one for Committers, e.g
VCS Contributors Core Committers Git Git Bazaar Bazaar Mercurial Mercurial

The current relevant wiki pages should also be updated with links to Alternate VCS Workflows:

Add a sub-bullet to the SVN Client link "Use another VCS? ..."

Update the Source Access section with a link to Alternate VCS Workflows

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Lucas, thanks so much for a much-needed clear writeup of this cluster of issues with our current wiki pages.

Given that these are all wiki changes, not changes to Twisted itself, or even the official docs, there's no need for this ticket to remain open long, or go through the review process. I'm inclined to say that you should just go ahead and make any changes you see fit in support of this goal. You're already a wiki admin so you're appropriately empowered to do so. Close it when you think you've written something useful.

If you need input from a bzr user I can try to flesh out that section.

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Thanks for the feedback. I added a "Working on your patch" section to BazaarMirror, but it could use a review from someone who actually uses bzr.



I punted on a few things (contributors vs committers), but hopefully this will be helpful to expose that there are alternatives.

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