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Decide on and implement a HOWTO release cycle

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comment:1 Changed 18 years ago by hypatia

It looks like the first Twisted product is going to split from core twisted

The HOWTOs are an interesting problem in the light of maintaining a single 200
page document that should be useful across the entire family of Twisted products
all on their own release cycles.

Most likely, the docs directory will need to 'release' every time *any* of the
other products release. (The alternative is splitting the docs project in X
separate projects and finding Y <= X separate managers.) There's a bunch of
stuff I need to do as soon as release mechanisms are developed for the different

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by radix

we've long decided that docs are going to be split apart per-package and be
released with the projects. marking as resolved.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by <automation>

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