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Test modules in `twisted/test/` for which preferred replacements already exist must be marked as such

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For a while we've been moving away from having so many tests in twisted/test/. This started with the subproject split and proceeded from there. It's sensible to try to keep unit tests close to implementation. So tests for twisted/python/ make more sense in twisted/python/test/ than in twisted/test/ Splitting things up also helps avoid ugly namespace collisions (or rather, the ugly results of having to resolve such collisions).

In some cases, we have started adding new tests in a new location while leaving many old tests in the old location, though. The old location is an attractive nuisance to new contributors who don't understand what's going on, and reasonably believe that it's a good idea to add new TCP-related unit tests to twisted/test/

We need to identify all test modules in twisted/test/ which are not supposed to have new tests added to them and mark them with information pointing to the preferred location for such tests.

Hopefully this will guide contributors to adding tests in the correct location.

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