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better demos/examples for 'twistd mail'

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Twisted provides programmable interfaces for serving mail; SMTP, IMAP, and POP. But 'twistd mail' is a boring (and somewhat underfeatured) use of these. It would be nifty to have plugins which demonstrate the possibilities.

Here are some ideas (this ticket should probably be scoped to one or two of these):

  • a CGI-style interface for email: an IMAP server which will serve a directory full of shell scripts as a mailbox, running each script and producing its output (with prepended headers to make it a valid message).
  • a directory of image files as a folder of messages, one for each image, with some of the EXIF data pulled out into headers so the mail client can see it.
  • a packet capture served as an email conversation, threaded with the 'reply-to' header so that you can navigate the client/server conversation as you would an email thread
  • a simple server that could route SMTP messages to run Python functions, in such a way that the user just writes a python function and runs a simple command
  • revision history from your favorite VCS system served as an IMAP server so that you can follow the commits as a conversation

It might also be worth thinking about some extension points / plugins so that a server could be trivially deployed mixing several of these examples together.

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