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Documentation Enhancement for Trial

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Goal: Creating a sort of Trial for Dummies that identifies and provides solutions for the "gottchas" encountered by those new to twisted/trial.

It would be assumed that the reader is already familiar with Python, unittest, TDD and is a newbie to Twisted/Trial.

Detail: I have recently been hired at a company that allows me one day / wk to work on any project I wish.

In my private time I have already been working on learning twisted by wrapping trial unit tests around the FingerServer tutorial keeping detailed notes and was planning on blogging about the experience.

I am willing to dedicate my one day per week at work plus some personal time to a project focused on creating documentation that starts with some hand holding and training wheels, covers the common and not so common "gotchas" encountered by people new to twisted/trial, and gives the reader a clear picture of how twisted works through exploration with unit tests.

Why I Think I'm the Guy for the Job:

I'm willing to do it. I have 9 years of Python dev. I have a good grasp of TDD. I am new to twisted/trial which I assert will allow me to look approach the task with a clean slate.

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Author: sparkytwobillion
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Looking forward to your contribution :)

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Closing this as invalid since there is nothing to improve or fix here, this is a question that should've been put forward on the mailinglist instead of putting it in a ticket.

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Just to be clear, there's plenty to improve and fix in the trial documentation. However, this ticket doesn't outline any 'specific' improvements. Basically, only sparkytwobillion could possibly resolve this ticket.

Contributions to improve Twisted's documentation are extremely welcome and appreciated. The format the works best in the ticket tracker, though, is to outline a particular change in a ticket description and then resolve the ticket with a patch that accomplishes that change.

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