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maybe deprecate twisted.manhole, or at least reduce its overlap with twisted.conch.manhole

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twisted.manhole is old, sort of broken, and has relatively light test coverage compared to the rest of twisted. It's mostly redundant with the newer, different (I want to say "better", but there are issues) twisted.conch.manhole, which uses fewer deprecated APIs.

However, it's not entirely obvious that this should be deprecated, because it still offers some functionality that isn't present anywhere else in Twisted.

For one thing, it's the only inspection thing in twisted core. This is mostly alleviated by the fact that Conch is installed alongside Core in most contexts these days. (Nevertheless, not all contexts, and getting all of conch's dependencies in there can be a chore.)

All of the functionality in gladereactor isn't present anywhere else. But it's untested and has all kinds of weird limitations and can't really diagnose protocols without long-lived connections (like HTTP). My feeling is that this should just be an external reactor-plugin project, and it should probably support more GUIs besides just GTK (what if you want to debug your PyQt application?).

"inspectro" is also kinda cool, but also almost completely untested, and also somewhat platform-specific.

I'm not entirely sure what should be done about this yet, hence the somewhat waffle-y summary, but my current feeling is that we should be moving the functionality out to a separately maintained project. Maybe something for remote inspection should remain in twisted core so that you can start up the server without having conch there, but the console client and SSH server bits of it should be in conch.

(This ticket needs some discussion, so, fair warning for external contributors, if you start working on it it may get bogged down in "we're still not sure what the right thing is yet" feedback. I'm trying out the 'discussion' keyword to mean that.)

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