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Document how to make a reconnecting client that uses endpoints

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This ticket should be closed when there is an obviously correct way to have a reconnecting client that uses endpoints. This will probably require a new generic function that retries things, discussed below (from #twisted):

<ivan> I removed endpoints from one application because it wasn't documented whether it worked with ReconnectingClientFactory

<glyph> You don't really need reconnectingclientfactory any more with endpoints

<glyph> Just use regular deferred control structures

<ivan> but ReconnectingClientFactory does that nice increasing delay

<ivan> I guess I would have to write that

<glyph> Yeah, we should have a thing that will retry an arbitrary deferred function with exponential backoff, instead of something specific to connections

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I just filed #4700, which is related to this. It may not be a necessary prerequisite, but since it keeps coming up in discussions of reconnection, I figured I'd file it.

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See also #4735.

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