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05/31/2010 07:09:18 AM (10 years ago)
Jean-Paul Calderone

How about other platforms, where there is no /dev/urandom? Does Python automatically make os.urandom use whatever platform-specific random source they provide? How about future platforms which won't provide this? Or a future Linux replacement for /dev/urandom that's completely superior?

Getting rid of the non-cryptographic fallback may be a good idea, but I don't think completely eliminating this module makes sense. It's a good API for centralizing our decisions about which random number generator to use.


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    1 [source:twisted/python/] doesn't seem to offer a lot of functionality over {{{os.urandom}}}, except for two misfeatures:
     1[source:twisted/python/] doesn't seem to offer a lot of functionality over {{{os.urandom}}}, except for two misfeatures:
    22 1. The option of setting {{{fallback=True}}} so that it will automatically fallback to insecure random numbers if it can't generate secure ones. This is a terrible idea that nobody should ever do. Behavior like that is one of the causes of the Debian OpenSSL Fiasco, for example. If anyone has a legitimate use case for this behavior I would be fascinated to hear it.
    33 2. The option of using PyCrypto's {{{Crypto.Util.randpool}}} if it is present. {{{randpool}}} is deprecated (according to the announcement at the top of on this date, which references [ this mailing list thread]). I've looked at {{{randpool}}} a bit, and it doesn't offer any advantage over {{{os.urandom}}} that I can see other than the option of falling back to insecure random number generation if it can't generate secure random numbers. {{{randpool}}} also has a lot of other code to do some useless things about estimating entropy, sampling the current clock, and so on. I can't be sure that I understood its source code because that other stuff made it hard to understand the part I was interested in. The latest git version of PyCrypto comes with this warning: "Deprecated.  Use instead. See". However that link gives me a 404 Not Found.