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t.w.xmlrpc.Proxy doesn't support UNIX sockets

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t.w.xmlrpc.Proxy doesn't support making calls over UNIX sockets. Since the __init__ method accepts a URL as an argument and there's no way to put a unix socket address into the URL, the only way I see to do this compatibly is to accept a tuple of (unix-addr, url-path) in the 'url' argument?

I have to make this work anyway, so if someone can comment on what would be an acceptable API I'd be happy to contribute a patch.

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Can you elaborate on how operation over a UNIX socket would be expected to work? Is there a relevant standard? Or a convention implemented by existing software?

For the API, I think moving the connection setup logic into a separate object and then making that object an argument to Proxy is probably a good idea. This will let Proxy remain focused on XML-RPC stuff, and allow arbitrary connection schemes to be supported without requiring further modifications to twisted.web.xmlrpc.

Ultimately, I'd like to see Proxy implemented in terms of Agent. Splitting things along these lines might make it easier to get to that point, too (but if that complicates things unduly for this ticket then feel free to ignore it).

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This is similar to issue 3805 that I had posted earlier. I have provided a code sample and some comment on how to get XMLRPC working on Unix sockets.

To add to exarkun's comment, there is even a thread on the same subject in the mailinglist.

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