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Reported by: Jean-Paul Calderone Owned by: Glyph
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The things remaining in the twisted.persisted fall into two general categories:

  • persistence libraries
    • aot
    • dirdbm
    • journal
  • utilities useful in combination with a persistence library
    • sob
    • crefutil
    • styles

Of these, the former are used nowhere in Twisted and are generally either not suitable for use at all (dirdbm, journal) or do not present compelling features (aot), whereas the latter see some use in Twisted but provide extremely marginal functionality (or pseudo-functionality - for example, styles primarily provides Versioned, a class which supposedly offers an upgrade path for pickled objects, the in memory representation of which changes over time, we have long since abandoned the attempt to maintain this upgrade path) which can easily be dropped.

I propose to remove all uses of the package from the remainder of Twisted and then deprecate the entire package.

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