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Windows Install Problem

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I’m having trouble getting twisted to work with windows. What am I doing wrong?

Initially I installed just the base twisted. I got the “spawnProcess not available since pywin32 is not installed” error so I installed I still had problems so I went back to the install and installed pycrypt and pyopenssl. I had problems with not finding a dll so I tried ssl but that caused other problems so I uninstalled it. I’m using the latest version of python, pycrypt and pyopenssl. Now when I run the code below, I get the error

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Documents and Settings\Brian Downing\Desktop\PythonDev\pyEdaInterface\", line 41, in <module>

reactor.spawnProcess(pp, "dir")

File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\", line 237, in spawnProcess

raise NotImplementedError, "spawnProcess not available since pywin32 is not installed."

NotImplementedError: spawnProcess not available since pywin32 is not installed.


My code is:

#uses twisted to call <dir> command # based on section "Verbose Example"

from twisted.internet import protocol from twisted.internet import reactor

class PPDir(protocol.ProcessProtocol):

def init(self):

print "PPDir init called"

def connectionMade(self):

print "connectionMade!"

def outReceived(self, data):

print "outReceived! with %d bytes!" % len(data) print " data %s" % data

def errReceived(self, data):

print "errReceived! with %d bytes!" % len(data) print " data %s" % data

def inConnectionLost(self):

print "inConnectionLost! stdin is closed! (we probably did it)"

def outConnectionLost(self):

print "outConnectionLost! The child closed their stdout!"

def errConnectionLost(self):

print "errConnectionLost! The child closed their stderr."

def processEnded(self, status_object):

print "processEnded, status %d" % status_object.value.exitCode print "quitting" reactor.stop()

pp = PPDir() reactor.spawnProcess(pp, "dir")

#import win32process #self.transport.closeStdin() # tell them we're done #pp = MyPP(10) #reactor.spawnProcess(pp, "wc", wc?, {})

print "run_dir 5"

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Install pywin32.

Since Twisted is functioning properly here I'm closing this ticket. However, perhaps you can suggest a way to make this less confusing for other users and open a new ticket for better documentation.

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Thank you for the quick response. That fixed the problem.

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