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Incorrect docstring in

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In the module, on the line 702 (, there's written "Called when a channel's modes are changed" but the method is called even if the modes of a user are changed:

class MyClient(irc.IRCClient):
    def modeChanged(self, user, channel, set, modes, args):
        print 'Mode changed:', user, channel, set, modes, args

# Output:
# just after the connection to the server
Mode changed: mynick mynick True ix ()
# when someone ops me
Mode changed: opper!~x@foobarbaz #chan True o ('mynick',)
# when someone deops someone else
Mode changed: deopper!~x@foobarbaz #chan False o ('deopped',)
# when someone sets +c on a channel
Mode changed: someone!~x@foobarbaz #chan True c ()

Only in the last of these 4 examples the change is relative to a channel. In the 2nd and 3rd examples, the changes are relative to a user in a channel and in the 1st to a user.

If is not possible to have a method for the user modes and another method for the channel modes, the docstring should be corrected in order to warn the user that modeChanged handles *all* the changes and not only the ones relative to the channel.

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It has been closed in r23671 with #3230.

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