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add support for twisted.python.deprecate's docstring manipulation to pydoctor

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twisted.python.deprecate rewrites docstrings to include deprecation information.

It would be excellent if pydoctor supported this in some way, either by reflecting the modified docstring in its output or by marking up the output to indicate the deprecation in some other way.

Since the decorator is in use already, it would be nice for this to be done for the next release, so the generated documentation reflects these new deprecations.

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I hacked some stuff in It's not very clean, but it did the job. I use the livecheck option, but instead of loading every module, it loads only the modules flagged by hand. I flagged the module where I detected a name = func(name) at module level (which is approximately what we do with deprecated decorator).

Michael, can you have a look? I can work on this more if you have some pointers.

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Milestone: twisted-8.0regular-releases

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by Jean-Paul Calderone


Pydoctor should really use launchpad for issue tracking. I'm tempted to close this as invalid. However, this code is all intimately Twisted specific, is it not? Does it really belong in pydoctor? Should it instead be in Twisted and loaded by pydoctor via some extension mechanism?

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