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I can't seem to run the Twisted tests without hitting an intermittent failure on my Windows machine

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Although our Windows buildslave reports test successes most of the time these days, I have found that the tests will fairly reliably hit at least one intermittent failure on my desktop installation of Windows.

I don't particularly like the scope of ticket, but one of my new years' resolutions is to avoid letting process anxieties get in the way of useful work. This ticket may just be closed as "invalid" eventually. For now it should serve as an anchor point to discuss the issues that I've found and link them to the appropriate, hopefully pre-existing tickets, and to give me a ticket number so I can make a branch to put the fixes I've made.

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Branch: branches/intermittent-2981

(In [22288]) Branching to 'intermittent-2981'

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There is at least #2876 which is up to review. Also, you should run trial with the --unclean-warnings option to avoid those errors.

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What sort of failures? I've been working on all kinds of stuff trying to address these sorts of things on the Python Windows buildbots. Biggest issue: file permissions. Second biggest issue: not using SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE on every TCP/IP socket. Third biggest issue: using SO_REUSEADDR on Windows for anything but true multicast UDP sockets. Having tests hard code ports was pretty common in Python's test suite, that'll cause all sorts of problems obviously when tests are executing simultaneously -- I'm told you guys use ephemeral ports for client/server testing though so it's less of a problem.

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The branch seems to contain fixes for these issues:

Please verify the above and then close this ticket and open a new one with details about the failures related to the test_tcp changes.

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All those other tickets have been resolved. There still may be something in test_tcp that hasn't been addressed. Please open a new ticket detailing that issue.

comment:6 in reply to:  3 Changed 12 years ago by davidsarah

Replying to Trent.Nelson:

Second biggest issue: not using SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE on every TCP/IP socket.

I completely agree; this is a serious security issue (now #4195).

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