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Replace deprecation warning in _ThreePhaseEvent.removeTrigger_BEFORE with an exception

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This behavior was initially allowed (by way of the reactor's system events system) but was implemented in a somewhat buggy manner (encountering it might result in a different trigger being skipped). That bug is fixed by #2509 by ignoring the remove request, except to issue a deprecation warning. The change was made after the release of Twisted 2.5, so it will probably appear first in Twisted 2.6. At the earliest, we can transform it into an exception in Twisted 2.7, so tentatively scheduling this ticket for that release.

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I guess 2.6 here means 8.x and 2.7's the upcoming 9.0

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by Jonathan Lange

Milestone: Twisted-10.0

This ticket is low priority, old, doesn't have a suggested fix and 10.0.0 is already out. I'm removing it from any release milestone.

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