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foolscap needs to move out of the sandbox

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I'm developing Foolscap entirely in Darcs these days, and doing a one-way sync into SVN each time I publish a new change. At the moment this is going into the Twisted sandbox (sandbox/warner/foolscap/), but it's getting rather large with all the release tags that I have in there. The sandbox is now something like 90% Foolscap by weight.

So I'm planning to move Foolscap out into a separate top-level SVN repository, making it a sibling of Twisted and Imagination and Informant and all those other ones in wolfwood:/svn . But to do this, I need someone with root on wolfwood. I think these are the steps that need to be done:

  • make an 'svn-foolscap' group, and put me in it
  • mkdir /svn/Foolscap
  • svnadmin create /svn/Foolscap

Once that's done, I'll populate it with the most recent release of Foolscap, and then I'll do an 'svn rm sandbox/warner/Foolscap'. I'm not planning to copy over all the old history, if anyone's really interested in that they can either look in the pre-move sandbox history or directly at the Darcs repository that this is all coming from.

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by Glyph

If you're developing Foolscap in darcs, why do you want it to continue to have an SVN repository at all? I presume darcs has some way to upload a mirror?

If it's hosted on wolfwood, but not in the main repository, it won't have any integration with this trac, and it won't have a trac of its own. It doesn't seem like there's much of a point.

Really, I'd like to see all the SVN repositories on wolfwood other than the main Twisted one gradually phased out, since there aren't any tools integrated with them. Of the examples you gave, "Imagination" is already an empty directory, and "Informant" hasn't been touched since 2004.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by warner

I've found that darcs is a barrier to entry for folks that just want to track HEAD (compiling it is a PITA, and not everybody is running from a distribution that provides a convenient pre-compiled package). The way that darcs repos are available through a web server means that it is convenient to *browse* HEAD, like, through a web browser, but actually pulling a current tree is a hassle. I figured that providing an SVN mirror would help grow the developer community.

I hear what you're saying about pruning non-Twisted repositories on wolfwood, and having trac integration would be awfully nice (bug reports referencing the source code, good place for contributed docs, etc, etc). Maybe I should set up a new trac on one of my machines for Foolscap and rig up a mirror there. I'm doing that for now, it wouldn't be too much extra trouble to create a for that purpose.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by warner

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I've just finished creating a Mercurial repository at to hold the source code, and I've removed Foolscap from the twisted SVN sandbox (leaving a pointer to the hg repo in its place). I don't yet have a separate Trac instance running, so for now I'm directing folks to this (twisted) trac to file foolscap bugs.

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