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— at task.LoopingCall: a problem if change the system timeInitial Version

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I wrote a simple test trying to find why my app freeze when change the system time:

from twisted.internet import reactor, task
import time

def callback():
    print time.ctime(time.time())

t = task.LoopingCall(callback)

If run this and change the system time, let's say a day forward, everything work fine, but if change the system time backward, the program freeze until you change forward again. This is specially problematic for a computer using ntp, updating its clock time to time.

It seems that there is a problem in LoopingCall._reschedule that don't play well when "fromNow = self.starttime - self._seconds()" is negative, and seems to be platform independent:

W2k Pro python 2.4.4 twisted 2.4.0

Wxp Pro python 2.4.4 twisted 2.4.0

Ubuntu Linux 5.1 python 2.4.2 twisted 2.0.1-4

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