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getcontenttype property should be explicitly set on PUT

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The webdav server currently relies on a mime.types file to determine the MIME content-type of a resource based on file name extension. There are several problems with this:

  • file name extensions are not always present or correct
  • the mime.types file location is hard to get right on each OS/variant, and in some cases is not event present

This means that a file that is PUT with a correct Content-Type in the HTTP headers may not be returned with the same Content-Type.

The server should extract the Content-Type value from the HTTP PUT request header and store that as a getcontenttype property in WebDAV.

Add code like this somewhere in the PUT handling:

content_type = request.headers.getHeader("content-type") if content_type is not None:

resource.writeDeadProperty(davxml.GETContentType.fromString("%s/%s" % (content_type.mediaType, content_type.mediaSubtype,)))

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