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trial -b does not interact in a useful way with -u

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I want to run a test until it fails, then debug it.

glyph@alastor:~/Scratch/Test% trial -b --until-failure xmantissa.test.historic.test_remoteIndexer1to2.RemoteIndexerTestCase.testUpgradePyLucene
Test Pass 1
Running 1 tests.
> /home/glyph/Projects/Twisted/trunk/twisted/trial/
-> try:
(Pdb) c

/home/glyph/Projects/Twisted/trunk/twisted/trial/ exceptions.DeprecationWarning: log.startKeepingErrors is deprecated since Twisted 2.5
    testUpgradePyLucene ...                                                [OK]

Ran 1 tests in 2.421s

PASSED (successes=1)
Test Pass 2
Running 1 tests.
> /home/glyph/Projects/Twisted/trunk/twisted/trial/
-> try:

Given that I have to run the test several hundred times before I can get a failure (possibly more under the debugger) breaking every time is not very useful.

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Think this should be solved by implementing #6143. Closing as a duplicate because the summary and description is a bit clearer there but putting a note there that --until-failure's behavior should be verified when that lands.

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by Glyph

Resolution: duplicate
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Hi Julian,

Ticket etiquette usually dictates that the newer ticket be closed as a duplicate, rather than the older one, unless the newer one has a significant advantage (much more and better discussion, an existing branch or patch in review). I'm going to reverse the statuses on these tickets.

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