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usage.Options breaks with short subcommand names longer than 1 char

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Generating help text for twisted.python.usage.Options when using subcommands that have a short name longer than one character triggers a TypeError. The TypeError is rather opaque and doesn't explain that short names are limited to one character. Even stranger, short names longer than one character work for parameters (at least they don't produce a TypeError).

I suggest the following:

  • the code would produce an error that explains which subcommand is causing problems and that short names are limited to a character.
  • the code for checking subcommand short names should do the same thing as the code that checks parameter short names (which just ignores improper short names)
  • the options howto should get a line added that indicates that short names are limited to a single character.

To test, write the following bit of code into a file, then run it with --help.

from twisted.python.usage import Options class MySubOptions(Options):


class Options(Options):

subCommands = [

["mine", "m", MySubOptions, "it is mine!"]]

config = Options() config.parseOptions()

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