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SFTP adapter doesn't translate deferred errors

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The translateErrors decorator in twisted/vfs/adapters/ doesn't catch and translate errors if the decorated function returns a Deferred.

(Although twisted.vfs isn't really properly able to return Deferreds everywhere, aside from this bug it works just fine in the case of SFTP, because Conch works just fine with them.)

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comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by spiv

See source:branches/vfs-sftp-deferred-errors-1805/twisted/vfs

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by Jean-Paul Calderone

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_eb_translateErrors doesn't follow the naming convention. contained underscores are for separating static prefixes from dynamic suffixes which are programmatically dispatched on.

Also I don't think this code will work with a Deferred which hasn't already fired.

   def testTranslateDeferredError(self):
       # If the decorated function returns a Deferred, the error should still
       # be translated.
       d = defer.Deferred()
       def f():
           return d
       f = sftp.translateErrors(f)
       d2 = f()
       return self.assertFailure(d2, SFTPError)

The code would seem to be better off doing error handling with an errback and using maybeDeferred.

comment:4 Changed 13 years ago by spiv

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I've fixed the naming issue.

I've added that test, and it passes. The key part is that the _ebtranslateErrors errback is itself decorated with translateErrors, so it gets the exact same error handling as the synchronous case.

Is this ok to merge?

comment:5 Changed 13 years ago by Stephen Thorne

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Looks good, just turn the comments into docstrings and merge.

comment:6 Changed 13 years ago by spiv

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This was fixed by changeset 17140, 2 months ago...

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