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Starting threads in a tac file blocks everything

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Figure out what's going on

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This is a libc threading/privilege shedding interaction:

  • Process starts up with UID X
  • Process starts a thread - threads share UID state so its UID is also X
  • Main thread sheds UID X in favor of UID Y
  • libc is broken and the second thread retains UID X
  • Main thread tries to release a super critical lock which happens to involve sending a signal to the secondary thread
  • Secondary thread has a different UID so sending the signal fails with a permission error
  • Secondary thread tries to do something with the lock, blocks forever
  • Main thread tries to do something with the lock, blocks forever

There's nothing we can do to fix it in the general case. We could avoid starting threads until after twistd has shed privileges, but it would still be possible to trigger this bug. So I don't think there's anything worth doing. Perhaps we should include a description of this scenario in documentation somewhere. Hopefully the broken version of libc is mostly out of circulation now, though.

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