Ticket #6440: pb-copyable_xhtml.patch

File pb-copyable_xhtml.patch, 714 bytes (added by Chitrank Dixit, 7 years ago)

spelling mistake "eligble" changed to "eligible"

  • pb-copyable.xhtml

    173173<a href="listings/pb/copy_receiver.tac" class="py-listing">copy_receiver.tac</a>
    175175<p>The sending side has a class called <code>LilyPond</code>. To make this
    176 eligble for transport through <code>callRemote</code> (either as an
     176eligible for transport through <code>callRemote</code> (either as an
    177177argument, a return value, or something referenced by either of those [like a
    178178dictionary value]), it must inherit from one of the four <code class="API"
    179179base="twisted.spread.pb">Serializable</code> classes. In this section,