Ticket #4929: README

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This is a README file for ircLogBot.py

1This is a use case for ticket 4929.
2This is an IRC bot. Since, I found that DALNet supports LIST command with two channel names, I tested LIST command with DALNet. You can test it with any network which uses unreal IRCd (please change network name in line 179, if you test it with any other network). For seeing it in action, please go through the following steps:
31. Connect yourself to DALNet or any other network which support LIST command with two channel names
42. Join #test
53. Run the bot:
6   python ircLogBot.py
74. Send an action message on #test
85. On getting this action message, bot will send a LIST to the server
96. Please repeat step 4, two more times
11As LIST command is rate limited, I opted for not sending it automatically.