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File names.xhtml.patch, 666 bytes (added by Jean Daniel Browne, 11 years ago)

I modified the file names.html to make sure the <code> tag is not at the beginning of a line. No more missing space in the rst between a word and "" either or .

  • doc/names/howto/names.xhtml

    diff --git a/doc/names/howto/names.xhtml b/doc/names/howto/names.xhtml
    index edc2b9e..256ce6d 100644
    a b configured to act as the authority. The first requirement is beyond the 
    3333scope of this howto and will not be covered.
    36 <p>To configure Names to act as the authority for
    37 <code>example-domain.com</code>, we first create a
    38 zone file for this domain.</p>
     36<p>To configure Names to act as the authority
     37for <code>example-domain.com</code>, we first create a zone file for
     38this domain.</p>
    4040<a href="listings/names/example-domain.com" class="py-listing">Zone file</a>